Ego's Trap

Ego's Trap

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Indigo Ivy By indigosa Updated Mar 26

Bribed by her stubborn and terribly conceited self, Imani Ane agrees to be the personal maid of a creep whose family's a little too perfect.

To the undeniably humble Ane, all's generally fine as she struts about the wealthy Campbell's residence and tends to its needy, frustratingly beautiful twig of a Master, but such mercy's bound to not last long── romance is in the air with little to no patience, and so are the demons hiding in plain sight, always ready to pounce on any soul that disturbs them, even if they're Ane's own.

Prepare yourselves for a crazy, unforgettable mash-up of humor, psycho-thrill, and drama.

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**This story involves mature themes, including but not limited to violence, trauma, abuse, neglect, self-harm, and bullying, as significant elements of the plot. Definitely not kid-friendly. I do not promote or encourage any of the aforementioned. Reader discretion is more than advised.**

Under ideal circumstances, I will update once every two weeks, on Fridays.

Feel free to torture yourself by comparing this story to its faulty original version, titled Maid of a Pervert. It's listed in my profile's story section. It has a ton of problems. You have been warned!