The Best of Me (#3.5)

The Best of Me (#3.5)

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Yara By pumpkinyara Updated Aug 28, 2019

Book #3.5

                           "We were both scarred. The only 
                      difference is that mine were hidden deep 
                 inside while his - visible to the naked eye." 


I always wanted more. Something big. Powerful. Consuming...but I was always too terrified of the risks.

Till I met him. 

He exploded into my life with his witty words and blunt attitude, distorting all my logic and challenging everything I believed in.

It started as a game. 

We flirted. We played. We both needed the distraction. 

But pretty soon- I was in too deep, almost drowning.

My heart, soul, and body weren't supposed to be part of the deal. But I'm hooked, on him...on who I am when I'm with him. On who we are together. 


More. She wanted more and secretly, so did I.

From the first time we connected, I found myself transfixed. 

She was an addiction. A beautiful, sweet, dipped in sex addiction.

It was supposed to be a game. A tough one on that note, but she was doing things to me that weren't possible, that weren't legal and shouldn't be.

She brought out the worst and the best in me.

It was wrong. Yet so right. 

She was both the curse and the cure. A flame, that would either light my way or burn me - I wasn't sure. But like a moth, I was drawn. 

This woman changed my game. She. Changed. Everything.