Between Love & Family

Between Love & Family

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K_Shuler By Kahernandez21 Updated Sep 12, 2019

Settling between my legs he looked me in the eyes, softly whispering to me "what are you doing to me woman" I see his gaze flicker from my eyes to my lips and a wave of anticipation grows in me.

I see him start to lean forward and my mind starts he going to kiss me? Should I let him kiss me? All my thoughts go out the window as I close my eyes, his lips touching mine..slowly....softly. 

God this felt good, he tasted of mint and the electric feeling I got at his touch was ever-present. His lips left mine and I let out a soft whimper at the loss of contact, only to feel his lips moving down my neck. My back arched and my hands roamed over his broad shoulders, instinct taking over as I lost myself in the moment. 

He picked me up again and I wrapped my legs around his waist, and next thing I know we were crashing down on my bed. I was lost in the taste of him, lost in his touch.....until I felt his fingers softly tracing the waistband of my jeans.