my male prostitute {boy x boy}

my male prostitute {boy x boy}

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a writer lolololol By awriterlololol Updated Oct 06, 2019

Moans and heavy pants fill the air as the man grasps the other mans hair roughly," please~! harder!" he says as the the other man thrusts into him harshly, causing an erotic end.

My male prostitute is a story about an intersex boy called york and blood thirsty crime lord called ray. Most sex in this book will be constentual, unless stated otherwise. 

This is a universe where fantasy characters such as demons,elves, fairies ect are apparent but they live lives like normal every day people.

This is a mature book, so it will feature dark and erotic themes,Not suitable for a younger audience.

Everyone in this book is of legal age, but some scenes may not have consent.