Love The Roommate

Love The Roommate

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"Uhm, hey. How can I help you?" I asked as soon as I got myself together from staring at his gorgeous face.
"Uhm, that's supposed to be my room. Room 334. What are you-? Oh, I get it. You must be my roommate's girlfriend or something. Nice meeting you." He said as he spun around me, stepping into the room, his luggages in hand. 

What the heck? 

"Actually, that's my room." I said, following him into the room.
The hot guy stopped in his tracks, he turned and stared at me with darkened eyes. "Are you serious right now? Because that's my room too."

"That means that we are-"

Well, hell.


What will you do if you were assigned to live with a guy as a roommate in your first year of college? 
Well, that's what I am asking myself since I found out.
Firstly, welcome to the story of my life. My name is Jasmine Belle Daves aka Jessy. A lover for red roses. Yeah, I know. The name is Jasmine and I prefer roses. But it's not my problem our parents don't let us choose our names. I would have probably asked to be named Rose. But anyway, I only finished my high school and I am going to college now! A fresh start. Out of my hometown and all the dark past that is floating there. Oh my! How excited I am for this start!
But my excitement was replaced with shock when I stood to answer the door to be met with a hot guy claiming to be my roommate.
How am I going to be alive by the end of all this? Well, I think you will find out with me.


Book 1 in 'The Roommate' series. Book 2 is out now. 

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Started writing: 3/8/2019
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