No Place Like Home (Lotor x Lance)

No Place Like Home (Lotor x Lance)

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Saya Ciel✔ By SayaCielfreeforall Updated Sep 12

Lance was kicked out of his home because of his family why? Because he was bisexual now he lives all alone, he has no friends and he is picked on by a lot of people in school making Lance go into depression and plans on ending it all, so when he goes behind the woods behind the small apartment complex to end it all he finds something else 

He found a crashed space ship...and it was on fire and Lance being the kind-hearted person he was he looked for anyone that was in there and there was Someone? Something? A Being? But that didn't matter so Lance took the being in to help it 

But little did Lance know this being is a prince of a whole empire 

This will be in a high school au, some of the characters will not be in character, there will be suicidal actions and thoughts, homophobic people (fuck those people they can fuck themselves) and some smut here and there 


Lance: 17 
Lotor: 23 (In human years) 230 (In space-time)


Lance: 6'2
Lotor: 8'0

Started: August 1th 2019

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