I'm Dating My Brother's Tutor

I'm Dating My Brother's Tutor

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Haiii I'm Stitch By exxperiment626 Completed

Hey guys! I've been reading a lot of fanfiction about Percy Jackson lately and I thought I would give it a shot myself. This is my first fanfiction ever and English is my second language so please be patient with any mistakes (: 
I was inspired by a fan fiction I read a long time ago called Love The Babysitter which is, like, my fav ever 


PJO/HOO FanFiction. My brother Tyson is failing in school so mom decided to hire a stupid tutor, even after I told her I could teach him myself. Ah well I'm just going to focus on my swimming. // I just got hired for a job as a tutor! Why? Because I'm starting to save money for university and hey, it could be fun..right? // Thalico, Jasper, Tratie, and mainly Percabeth. AU (Events in the books never happened)

crazyhairdontcare crazyhairdontcare Jul 30, 2016
Me and Nico are captains of the Emo club, come join our darkness
WiseGirl127 WiseGirl127 3 days ago
Omfg I lolled so hard I literally shouted CUPCAKES!!!!! Before I looked at the comments and I'm proud of y'all . PJO fans Unite!!
fanfics-be-bae fanfics-be-bae Nov 06, 2016
He is in the "emo who is boyfriends with a literal child of the sun club"
                              ~ I ship solangelo ~
LucyHeartsBooks037 LucyHeartsBooks037 Sep 16, 2016
Seriously y'all, it's Jiper. You don't say the beginning of Jason like you do in the beginning of Jasper.
Delaney_714 Delaney_714 Sep 04, 2016
Omg the amount of people spelling BRUNNER like *Bruner* is making me cringe so hard
LucyHeartsBooks037 LucyHeartsBooks037 Sep 16, 2016
Lol the gardening club.
                              "Daddy, how'd you meet mommy?"
                              "Oh well, son, in high school, we met in a club."
                              "What club? The yearbook club?"
                              "No son, The Gardening Club."
                              "What da hay?"