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Something about this guy made the panties drop and the hearts stop. 

He was 180 pounds of tattooed skin and great hair.

He slept with more girls than he could count using all fingers and toes.

He punched a paster in the face, while in church. 

He taught your little brother how to roll a joint, While at dinner with your family.

He ran over your dog, Right in front of you.

He slept with you in the back of a gas station, that-alone- is just...

He told you he'll never be able to love you, that you were just 'SEX' to him, while you bailed him out of jail.

Your friends hate him. Your family Hates him. 

He is what some might call, the token 'Bad Boy.'

His name is Tyler. 

And he's the bad boy that even the little devil standing on your left shoulder doesn't condone.

|Extreme100x SEX, VIOLENCE, DRUGS|

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Rosa1it Rosa1it Dec 31, 2017
De'Santa...okay I'm probably hallucinating cause everywhere I go something to do with Christmas is haunting me
sincerelyalexis1 sincerelyalexis1 Apr 03, 2016
Was it such a crime to want to know the dude with the BLACK LEATHER JACKET?!?!? (FYI, I love bad ass dudes with black leather jackets. I'm OBSESSED.)
alaysiarox alaysiarox May 28, 2016
I'd probably stab my neighbor if they said something like that 😂
blueberryelayme blueberryelayme Jul 03, 2016
I think that's really interesting. Why is she being rude I wonder
bearjay bearjay Nov 07, 2016
U let him have sex with u and he can't remember ur name -.- how stupid are these girls
WatermelonKrieger WatermelonKrieger Apr 25, 2016
*too lazy to go to the public library/school library*
                              *stays in my Wattpad library with the anime baes*