The Alpha's Barren Mate

The Alpha's Barren Mate

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Bree By unbelievably_b Updated Jun 04, 2016

In a world where settling down and having pups is a women's worth, Kira Michaels is the odd one out. Shunned and rejected by her pack, she is forever to be the pack freak. After a childhood of sickness, she's been told by many doctors that she is barren...meaning she can have any pups. 

Fed up with  the constant teasing and ridicule, Kira decides to run away. Stumbling on another packs territory, she is taken in and sent to see the Alpha. 


Jace is the Alpha of the Day Break Pack. After losing his supposed mate in a terrible accident, he has sworn off love. But he still has a young daughter to love and protect. He will get a second chance but enemies lurk and danger is everywhere.

- cover credit: @julia62001

---Azura0103--- ---Azura0103--- Apr 21, 2016
Barren does it mean she can have pups of she can't I think you ment she can't do I fink you might need to change that but this is still starting off to be AWESOME
frootylicious frootylicious Jan 18, 2016
lol am i the only one that read this in the dramatic voice movies usually use in trailers and stuff
DesiTheCookie DesiTheCookie Oct 23, 2015
Lol I said "in a world" with a 'husky' voice XD I probably sounded like I was dieing :p
blone69 blone69 Sep 03, 2015
I look forward to reading your story.  It really sounds interesting.
hopelessheadcxse hopelessheadcxse Jul 02, 2015
Lol has anyone watched death note? I luv luv luv luv this book so I'm not hating, but in Japanese 'Kira' means Killer so yeah....
shineoncupxakes shineoncupxakes Jun 28, 2015
I hate the fact that women are a breeding machine, I'm excited to see what she will do