The Seven Seas of Rhye  (Queen Fanfic AU)

The Seven Seas of Rhye (Queen Fanfic AU)

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TheReese Jadia By reesejadia Updated Nov 07, 2020

Short lore based on Queen's Seven Seas of Rhye. 
All AU and series of one shots based on Queen's first two albums, Queen and Queen II

The land of Rhye was once just and prospered. 
Four fae gods ruled the land. 
Roger, the god of beauty and bounty.
John, the god of love and unity
Brian, the god of knowledge and compassion
Freddie, the omnipotent god of Rhye

One unfateful break of dawn, Freddie vanished without a trace, leaving the three fae gods behind. 
After a millenia of struggle, the fae gods became legends, nothing but a string of stories of yesteryear. 
The land of Rhye are now divided into seven kingdoms under the rule of three queens:
Zandra, the Black Queen
Amelia, the White Queen 
Guinevire, the Killer Queen 

Now, blending among the humans, fairies and ogres, the three fae gods will go through several misadventures to be able to bring back their power they have to end their unfaltering search for their lost comrade - Freddie Mercury.