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What happened to Bro's before Hoes? (Editing)

What happened to Bro's before Hoes? (Editing)

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Adee Gustin By BookLover12300 Completed

[Editing slowly in progress]

I queitly peeked out the front door to see them on my lawn shouting at each other. 

"............and that wasn't part of the deal."Thomas finished is sentence shouting.

"I couldn't help myself, I just did it. Okay?"Caleb barked back.

"No, I will not accept that bullshit Caleb! We agreed that we would do everything we could to get her to like us, then she'd pick the one she liked more. So why couldn't you stick to the deal? Huh? It was your idea, it was your rules and one of those rules being we couldn't kiss her."he growled.

I froze. So this was all just a game? They didn't even like me? They just wanted a bit of fun so they both decided they'd pick a nerd and try to get her to like one of them more.

 How could I have been so stupid? How could I have thought they'd actually like me? How could anyone really like me?

I let my hand drop from the handle of the door and the door opened more causing Caleb and Thomas to both snap their heads to where I was. 

Their eyes widened as they rushed over to me.

"So this was all just a competition? You guys don't really like me?"I asked my voice cracking. What kind of sick twisted people do this kind of thing. I let out a laugh that held no humor and shook my head. "You guys are despicable bastards and I never want to see you again."


This story is about an nerdy girl who's top priority is school.
What happens when she accidentally bumps into someone?
Is it possible that her bumping into them could change her whole life?
Is this a typical book about choosing a boy?
Will her priorities change?
Will she pick the ' The guy next door'
Or will she pick 'The lone ranger'?
Can she trust them?
Do these boys really like her?
Let's find out.
2 boys.
1 girl. 
Worst part is, those boys are best friends.
So what happened to Bro's before Hoes?

Sondee Sondee Oct 31, 2016
Quietly peeked** oops I'm so sorry you just said this was from when you were 14, but I can't help this one.