A Element Dragon (Fairy Tail FanFic)

A Element Dragon (Fairy Tail FanFic)

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TheBloodMoon By TheBloodMoon Updated Jul 27

Mint has been in the town of Magnolia for about 10 years, She got there when she was 8.
She wonders the streets, but whenever she gets the chance she walks by the wizard guild Fairy Tall

Mint is a Elemental Dragon Slayer, she can fight with Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Snow, Ice ect.. She doesn't know who her parents are but she was raised by Dragons, All kinds at that.

Mint is a 18 year old Dragon Slayer that wishes to be in the guild Fairy Tail. She has many uses and is increasing her new form 'The Fallen Angel'. The Fallen Angel is a form that has Black as night wings and a long black and white spear.

Mint is yet to uncover her true ability, Read the story to find out what happens to Mint! She also may have a crush on 

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NekoReaperx NekoReaperx Apr 13
yea the elements thing is a bit op and she dose not  have any flaws. Not a very believable character. Therefore a mary sue (just pointing out) try to establish more background and let us know more about her personality
Is mint the author/author's oc? Or can i change mint to sammy/my name
BubbleGumBlix BubbleGumBlix Dec 28, 2015
At first I was like GREY!? Then I was like wait Grey would never never do this or Lyon. XD
Aoi_Akani Aoi_Akani Dec 11, 2015
I want her hair and have ice blue eyes and have the name Mint. It's been my dream XD