My Gangster Girl ↔ (j.m.)

My Gangster Girl ↔ (j.m.)

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Justin Bieber By kidrauhlll Updated Jun 08

Kelly Johnson, will do everything for Jason McCann. She will do everything to keep him safe. But Jason lost his memories during a gang war, will she ever make him remember her again? Can she even get his Jason back?

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Oh I see, did he like have that accident where he supposedly died and maybe he has amnesia now? Or is it not Jason? 
                              But if he isn't Jason, how come and Kelly felt "the same sparks again"? I'm getting hooked now omg
Nadsx1998 Nadsx1998 Apr 05
Lol i love him but his eyes r the same colour as his hair ❤️😂
oh my God I can't believe I only saw this now !!! like my god !! I love this so freaking much and my name is Kelly and I can't stop picturing myself as the lead omfg this story sounds amazing I can't wait to read this adfhjdk;sahfdjas ;
Wtf okay I feel like someone punched me in the face really hard
bichwhere bichwhere Jan 16
hmm like my best friend
                              like pulling a bìtch's hair isn't that bad, especially when she's about to go bald
I laughed so mother fücking hard I was choking on my ice cream 😂😂😂😂😂😂