My Human and Abused Mate

My Human and Abused Mate

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Blake Parker is the soon to be Alpha of the Shadow's pack but still hasn't found his mate. When he does, she's not what Blake thought she'll be. Maia Johnson is a human, not knowing the existence of werewolves. Other than that Maia's being abused at home by both her mother and father. 

What will Blake do? Will he reject his mate and find another luna? Or will he stick around and protect Maia?

And what happens when something much bigger and much more dangerous is after Maia? 
Will Blake get there in time? Or will he let it be?
Stick around to find out!

dogmecat dogmecat Jul 12
At first I thought this was the author and I was like "whaat?"
DeDerpyWolf DeDerpyWolf Jun 20
Me: *everyone (excluding me) is running around screaming* AHHH WE'RE ALL GONNA DIIIIIEEEEEYYYY!!!!!!!! *runs into pole, says in wobbly voice* I-I iz okey! I-imf' yne! *runs into same pole* I-iz still... not okeeyyy-*faints*
BookBedGirl BookBedGirl Jun 25
I thought this was authors note for a second there😂😂 no offence to those who do believe in werewolves though
Jroman1 Jroman1 Jul 22
Don't worry Blake i won't stalk u
                              I'm already stalking stiles
Seriously mates are forever and ever when u mark each other no one else can mark u
I've always believed in them. I was brought up around with an open mind