♡ One Direction Imagines ♡

♡ One Direction Imagines ♡

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radniall By radniall Updated Aug 24, 2013

I blinked slowly. Gripping the cup of tea as it was a sorce of warmth. Harry excused himself to the door, as if i was even listening to half of what he was telling me.

I stared blankly at a panel in the wood floor and Harry opened our front door, the house was so silent i heard every movement. I zoned out once again, trying my best to fight off the voices in my head. As i came back to reality i heard another voice. I racked my brain to try and figure out who Harry was speaking to in a shushed voice.

"So how is she mate?" I made out that the other voice was Liam. "I-i don't know. I'm hoping she's on the verge of recovery." I attempted to listen to their words, but as Liam spoke again i only made out "What.. doctors.. saying?" 

I sighed silently to myself. Listening to more of their exchange of words, Harry was so stressed. I caused it all too. I blame myself completely. After Harry left for a four month tour, i found myself going out every night of the week. I got shit-faced every ni...

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ChelseaKey ChelseaKey Dec 05, 2014
I always on wattpad all day about my boys from one direction actually my boyfriend Niall doesn't care I'm on wattpad and he loves me and I'm his girlfriend and I love him and I still have feelings for him
ChelseaKey ChelseaKey Dec 05, 2014
How Amazing is that and that was really nice to say that to harry and Liam and I love them and I do love Niall too he's cute and hot but yeah
CamIsDaBomb CamIsDaBomb Jan 01, 2014
Can you make some non-violent ones? Like kissy romantic gooey stuff? K thanks. Hahaha
MaddieMJF MaddieMJF Oct 19, 2013
I've noticed that all your I's are lowercase, and they need to be capital, other than that, this is lovely
squishyash squishyash Oct 09, 2013
Hay guys please please im a new time writer but ive been told im good please check out my profile!! <3 ya if you could... :)
ayselaaaaa_ ayselaaaaa_ Sep 27, 2013
This story is already one of my favorites., because it made me cry and this story touched my heart., you're a very talented writer., keep on writing beautiful and touching stories.,<3 :-D