The Mist is Gone

The Mist is Gone

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Ally By WiseGirl119 Updated Nov 19, 2014

During the Giant War, Hecate was severely injured and almost faded but luckily she was saved.

Unfortunately for them, Hecate didn't have enough power so the mist started disappearing.

The Greek world is now known to the mortals and the demigods must try their best to blend in.

They must face their next challenge, which is High School.

Will they be revealed or will they be able to keep the secret that has been hidden for thousands of years?

Disclaimer: I do not own this. Rick Riordan does.

Zeus is the only one you have to worry would blow you to bits, that Drama Queen
                              (Me chucking myself face first into tartarus)
Fluorine Uranium Carbon Potassium
                              Yttrium Oxygen Uranium 
                              DAD AND WING-FOOTED MESSENGER GUY
Why give him a mic? Missed a great opportunity to use the word thundered for Zeus as he talks without a mic, but oh well
I could just see Percy turning around and walking out of the gym while mumbling curses. And everyone just staring at him when he walks pass them like "What's his problem?"
tamu19 tamu19 Feb 19
Wow Percy you defeated gaea but you can't say all your titles