I'm Being Adopted by... One Direction?

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Kenzie By 1D_equals_my_life Completed
"when you said your last goodbye
    i died a little bit inside
    i lay in tears in bed all night
    alone without you by my side
    but if you loved me
    why'd you leave me?"
    chapters in the beginning may be carroty, they were written in 2012. COMPLETED, SEQUEL COMING NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014.
so much detail!(good thing)I can tell this is going to be one of my favorite's!!! <3
I'm more Instrested in why she carved names into her ducking stomach
this is horrible. how could a parent do this to a child? it's not the child's fault you had unprotected sex and became a father and a mother.
It was amaZayn haha see what I did there... no... ok
I don't understand what's immature about sitting that way, or is it just the name that sound babyish?
whenever I go to take a shower, I usually end up sitting in the floor reading fanfiction for about 20 minutes