Feel this, taste this, smell this, see this, hear this.
I'm addicted to your poems, I think you have me intoxicated...
"But, what I really need Is some sleep" was so unexpected lol
I reread this frequently, too.
                                    I told you about my wall - I'm painting it this weekend
                                    Your writing will be up next to the likes of carol Ann Duffy, lord Byron, t s Elliot.... XD 
                                    And I can't wait to boast about your poems in bluebird either xD 
Lack of sleep. Get some sleep. Hahahaha. Without sleep, I can't think well. I suppose that's how it is with humans. Or maybe not. Anyway, I like your rhymes. Well done.
Beauty of poems being the reader can take what they want from it.
                                    You can want a lot of things but need something/things very basic.
This is a good poem. I was a bit suprised about the ending though.