The Capitol Games

The Capitol Games

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Sadie By cerisemochaa Updated Jul 28

Years after the fall of Capitol, where people call the nation "United Panem", everything is peaceful. After so many years, everyone is happy. Katniss and Peeta have two lovely teenage children, Lilian and Sam. Their life is beautiful, perfect. 

Panem has finally dug it's way out of the ashes. No more poverty, no more  starvation, no more persecution, and no more Hunger Games. But that peace and tranquility all comes tumbling down when someone finds the 'Contract of the Capitol Games' - It was voted by the victors of the districts' Hunger Games that there will be another Games, but for the Capitol this time. 

Lilian Mellark, fondly called Lian, daughter of Katniss and Peeta Mellark, visits the Capitol with her family and friends to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Panem's freedom from the Capitol. She, for the time being, is blissfully unaware of the looming Hunger Games. She is safe from the Games of course, but the new friends she makes in the Capitol aren't. And the Capitol boy she meets definitely isn't. 

As Lian learns about the Capitol Games and gets to better understand the people of the Capitol, she finds herself fearfully dreading the event that her fellow citizens in the Districts are eagerly awaiting. Can Lilian Mellark save her Capitol friends, or will her influence and reach fall too short?
Sequel to the Hunger Games trilogy.