Fifty Shades Of Us.

Fifty Shades Of Us.

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DeAnna Ingraham By Believeeexoxo Completed

Sometimes the world as we see it is too good to be true. We focus too much on what is seen rather than what is unseen and we don't realize this until everything around us falls apart and we're left alone to face the consequences.

        Justin and Sophia's story isn't over quite yet. Just when you think things couldn't possibly be destroyed any further, you're wrong. They both will face more hardships than they've ever had to and overcome things no one would ever think possible as their story continues, completely changing everything you thought you knew. 

        The question this story holds in the end is did they focus too much on what was seen rather than what was unseen?

        It's up to you whether or not you'd like to find out. 

(This is the third book of the Fifty Shades Of Justin series.)

This book is also available to purchase on just go to <-- (make sure the D is capitalized) & it's the flower cover that says 'FSOU' on it.