Sweet As Honey

Sweet As Honey

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Hannah Wittke By Hannah_Wittke Updated Feb 13, 2016

[COMPLETED AND UNDER EDITING] Shina Higotora (Sheen-a) (He-guh-tour-a) is the smart shy girl that sits at the back of the class. She, like her cousin, has a scholarship to Ouran Academy. She usually keeps to herself and likes to keep out of harms way. But, when she gets chased by some rich kids; she finds her self in Music Room Three. 

"The course of love never did run smooth."
~William Shakespeare

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armin_arlert77 armin_arlert77 Jun 12, 2017
No get renge away and out of this fanfic now or I will flip you over my shoulder
Ijusttookadvice Ijusttookadvice Apr 04, 2016
She sounds like me! Flipping everyone! It's just that I talk a lot
Weirtartler Weirtartler Feb 11, 2017
I really am a child at heart so this girl sounds a lot like me haha 😂😂😂
Dafukanimu Dafukanimu May 06, 2016
I like flipping people 
                              Flipping them off that is 😂😂🖕
Weirtartler Weirtartler Feb 11, 2017
YAYYYYY KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE!!! *sakura kiss plays in the background*
Dafukanimu Dafukanimu May 06, 2016
When it comes to first impressions Tamaki is horrible 
                              (Remember haruhis dad?)