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She's Golden

She's Golden

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Belle du Nuit By bellenuit Completed

(Also affectionately known as "Wolves in the Big City").  Meet George, twenty-eight year old university librarian who is a little awkward at best and downright anti-social at worst.  She's also a lone wolf who lost her parents as a teenager and has been on her own ever since.  She's worked hard to live as one person in two worlds - the Human World and the world of Wolves.  While she has been blessed richly with the gifts of Gaia's children, she uses then at a minimum and only shifts when she needs to.  Apart from her friend/voice of reason Dominic, she has no other links to her Wolfen nature, and has worked very hard to keep in check for the past fifteen years.  The only thing that gives it away is her golden eyes, which most people mistake as being hazel.

That all changes when she meets Julian, a twenty-one year old university student who lives with his roommates in an apartment nearby.  He is everything she isn't - happy, relaxed, and carefree.  She catches his scent one fateful Sunday, and against all odds, he manages to find his way into her life.  He is the only human who has managed to bring the wolf right out of her.  Once cool, calm, and collected, Julian manages to break the walls she's fought hard to put up and she finds herself falling for him.  And while she's never believed in the idea of "mates", George is beginning to think that this happy-go-lucky Julian just might be hers...

Oh crap.

When I see this intro, after having already read the story I think: "This book was so good. You did a phenomenal job for your first werewolf story. It was intriguing and unique. 👌"
gonebarefoot gonebarefoot Aug 11, 2013
This is a wonderfully written book. It's one of the rare finds that totally pulls you in and the chemistry between the characters is believable. Not only that, the plot is DIFFERENT and it keeps you on intrigued. You hate the character's you're supposed to hate. I definitely recommend it.
Thisisfrom7thgrade Thisisfrom7thgrade Jun 09, 2013
I just wanted you to know, this was my first wattpad book and definitely in my top 3 favorites. I love it so much!
abymae abymae Mar 18, 2013
being able to SMELL crazy makes perfect sense to me!  especially if you start taking into account the chemical composition of our bodies and psychosomatic connections and all that--we all have our own unique scent and MANY things factor into it.
bellenuit bellenuit Mar 15, 2013
@abymae Haha, Sophie is human - the mystery lies in Julian - and that's quite the mystery.  Sophie is just crazy, and that's what George smells.  Smells I guess are an indicator of personality in my story - and Sophie's scent is off because she is seriously off.
                              Thank you for reading my story!
abymae abymae Mar 15, 2013
I'm nibbling fingernails in great anticipation waiting to find out What Julian is; and what Sophie is as well.  That smell of hers is indicative of something....
                              Thanks for the chapter!!