Notice Me, Foreign Classmate! (Tachibana Makoto x Reader)

Notice Me, Foreign Classmate! (Tachibana Makoto x Reader)

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Kawaii Turdle Tachibana By AquaticSteel Updated Aug 24, 2015

Tachibana Makoto's life is turned upside down when he and the rest of the swim club meet _____ _____, the foreign exchange student from (Country Name). Taken a liking to the exchange student,  Tachibana Makoto does whatever it takes to make her notice him. Too bad she has WAY too many rivals.

This is a Free! Iwatobi Swim Club fanfiction. The fanfic is happening around the time of the second season, after everyone stops arguing with each other and there is still swimming going on.

Here's a key for those who are new to reader inserts!

(f/n): First Name
(h/c): Hair Color
(h/l): Hair Length
(e/c): Eye Color
(c/n): Country Name

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-lemomtea -lemomtea Sep 16, 2017
All I could think of was
                              "You wouldn't have a crush on him otherwise!"
u_kimbapi_kidding_me u_kimbapi_kidding_me Jun 15, 2017
Ummm errr... nihou....como estas.... errrr ummm shît=my awesome Japanese skills
Iwillregretthislater Iwillregretthislater Apr 06, 2017
"In walked a average height girl with shining long-curly-a$$ bleached hair and sparkling sky blue eyes."
TwinGodSlayers TwinGodSlayers Feb 04, 2017
In walked a short girl with shining strawberry blonde hair and sparkling greyish green eyes with slight purple rims around the pupil (yes those are my real eyes)
Okane004 Okane004 Feb 22, 2017
Gladly that you don't know Japanese. Cause if you know Japanese and write this one by it, so many people won't be able to read your novel ^^
mollyhalefan mollyhalefan Feb 18, 2017
My oc looks like a punk boy, I don't think that qualifies  as cute