From Slave to Ruler

From Slave to Ruler

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Mister E By MisterE05 Updated 7 days ago

Aaron James, becoming a Victim.
Afflicted, banished in a new world, towering with Racism.
Reincarnation? Maybe. Finding himself as a slave of a brutal race, Dominating the land.

Kasteremas, a Subrace, or subreed?
With a Black line through their face,
from the top of the brow to underneath the Chin, a rather graceful birthmark,
but a big mistake in History, evil within.

Slaves on the Shore, blood and gore a daily task. Fix of Underpopulation? No! Evil with a mask.
Work or die, lay with a man or perish, kill or be killed, DIE! Were all of the options they have been offered, what power did they have to refuse, they would die without being offered a Coffin.

Zamerians, worshippers of 3 Gods. With an Army of 10,000. Puppet Masters for the puppets, wiping out their greatest competition throughout the power of lies.
"Kastems are Demons!" They constantly yelled, as they slayed another and took their land. 

This book is not recommended for those of under 16 years of age.