Empire // h.s. au

Empire // h.s. au

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Samantha Anderson's life was finally coming together. She had gotten into her dream school, NYU, received an opportunity to intern at the newest fashion agency, Tomlinson Designs, and had a boyfriend who loved her dearly.  

Life is good, until Harry Styles, an incredibly rich investor, walks into her life. Harry is filled with crude comments and unkind words.

Yet, Samantha can't seem to get him out of her head.

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hetty101201 hetty101201 Oct 20, 2017
*rubs my hands together eagerly* ...so who’s gonna cheat on who and when?
hstylesgurl hstylesgurl Dec 14, 2017
Everyone's talking about their designer bags and here I am with my cheap leather purse I spent £7 on
JackieIuelle JackieIuelle Sep 13, 2017
He's right we're I should, where I should be but you're making me bleed
Itriedhard1976 Itriedhard1976 Nov 10, 2017
I used to have one and now i have a Louis Vuitton one. Not too different
hstylesgurl hstylesgurl Dec 14, 2017
I can't see Louis owning a fashion line....Harry I can see doing that.