Forbidden Desires (Book #1)

Forbidden Desires (Book #1)

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Lilac West is the daughter of, Lydia West and Landon West.

Lilac's mom was a rouge, and when her father met her mother, he ditched his pack and turned rouge to be with his mate.

Lilac was soon conceived after the faithful mates met, and they lived in peace in a small house away from packs and human civilization, raising Lilac with love and care.

Unfortunately, the 3 rouges were attacked by a pack that had no mercy for rouges, taking them as hostages, where an unforgettable event takes place.

Lilac turns to her dad for comfort, but where she turned for comfort, she found more than just comfort.

She found Forbidden Desires.

(Completed • Book 1)

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ZEON761 ZEON761 Aug 12, 2017
Y'all act like y'all couldn't put two and two together when you read the description
vampirelover7 vampirelover7 Feb 21, 2016
Wth.. book description should have warned for something like this >. <
ayyye_2 ayyye_2 Jul 27, 2015
I was not aware that this book is.. Well this kind of book. Im gonna go leave now..
artifices101 artifices101 Mar 18, 2015
not how I expected it to go... I thought it'd  be
                              ... like a rival pack or rogue hater as her mate
hashtagTeresa hashtagTeresa Jan 10, 2015
Incest is kinda disgusting but I'll just roll with the story , see how it goes . 
ginnypoo808 ginnypoo808 Nov 29, 2014
Wait, is this about incest? I had to read the description twice lol