Quiet ⇔ Muke

Quiet ⇔ Muke

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Meme Queen By NandosNation Updated Jul 26, 2016

Michael Clifford was always known as being loud, funny, not so punk rock, creative, and just all around Michael. His life was at a great point as he was surrounded with screaming fans, music, and the best bandmates anyone could ask for. But all too soon, it starts going downhill. The fans become more like tormentors and his best friends seem to forget all about him. What happens when they push Michael too far? Michael changes. He loses the loudness, his sense of humor, his motivation, even his personality. Michael changes so much that there is only one word that anyone uses to describe him anymore.


And who could be the one to change that?

Luke Hemmings.

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AshtonIrwin_SavedMe AshtonIrwin_SavedMe Jul 16, 2017
I stood up off my bed last week, this happened to me and I ran into a bookshelf and fell down tbe stairs.
LostCausex LostCausex Aug 28, 2016
This makes me wanna rage. I'm bout ready to rage. Someone rage with me. This is so rage worthy. I'm raging.
not-a-ppl-p3rson not-a-ppl-p3rson Sep 11, 2016
Honestly he's like so beautiful. Or handsome I guess that's a better way to describe a guy.
not-a-ppl-p3rson not-a-ppl-p3rson Sep 10, 2016
How is this possible!? Michael is such a sweet kitten. there are tears in my eyes
LostCausex LostCausex Aug 28, 2016
Your face gets on my nerves and I've never even seEN IT BEFORE HOOEEEEeeee :)
luk-ehemming-s luk-ehemming-s Nov 01, 2016
omg this is actually so sad bc I could totally see this trending bc of the """"fans"""" that hate him and Michael literally wanting to kill himself :-(