I'll Be The One Laughing

I'll Be The One Laughing

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Serena By SerenaKai Updated Aug 21, 2012

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Dedicated to CaitlinHeart, who helped me write the story!


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the most popular girl in school? To be the girl the other girls envied and all the guys wanted?

Well I didn't have to. I was the it girl. No, this isn't one of 'those' stories with another cliché where the popular girl falls in love with the hot geek and they have to hide it from everyone but eventually their secret is revealed, or the popular girl who hates her life and wishes she was invisible. I loved being popular. I was the head cheerleader of the best cheer squad in the state, a grade A student with amazing friends. In fact my life was pretty much perfect until I found out the secrets my parents had been keeping from me. I was adopted.

"What?" I shouted? "I'm adopted?" I felt the whole world pause in the moment. My hands covered my face...