Afterlife || P.JM X M.YG

Afterlife || P.JM X M.YG

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馃崙 鈸呪捄鈷垛捀鈷解搸 馃崙 By sxn_bxbble Updated Oct 06, 2019


Park Jimin
1995 - 2019
Rest In Peace


It was sudden. Too sudden. 

Park Jimin's death was a sorrowful day to all. To his family. To his best friends. To his fans that loved him so much. Despite him being a solo artist, Western Artists couldn't even begin to compare to his fame, money and success. 

It was as if the world was covered underneath a blanket of depression and it could never be lifted off. No matter how hard you tried. 

It was as if the world had stopped turning. 

As if the sun stopped shining. 

As if the moon stopped glowing. 

As if the hearts stopped loving. 

It was as if Death was not only taking his soul, but everyone else's. 

Park Jimin was not aware of his untimely death until three simple yet eye-bulging words were spoken to him. 




Each chapter contains at least 1,7500 words or more. 

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P.JM X M.YG AU (Alternate Universe)

Please remember that everything in this book is fiction and nothing should be taken seriously. It is only coincidental that I am using names of real people.  

Started: 26 / July / 2019
Ended: ?

(inspired by the game Sky: Children of the light)

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