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Blind assassin/protector

Blind assassin/protector

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Tori By Archambeault97 Updated Aug 10, 2016

A girl who has grey/blue eyes is blind she is a descendent of one of the most ancient werewolf. She is able to shift in to her wolf which she loves. She was adopted by another ancient werewolf who is over 600 years old but looks only thirty. She was born blind  and her family didn't want her so they left her out of the pack boundaries so she would die because of rogues but some one took her to the ancient werewolf and was trained how to fight and use her other senses.

When she is sent of a mission with her small group to go to protect the soon to be alpha of the royal bloods pack she has to act human. She hates shoes and doesn't own any. She is connected to the earth and can feel vibrations. How will she react when everyone in her group meets their mate including her? Read to find out

Yeah, there's always a limit.... but with how rich they are I doubt they've ever hit it or could lol
Same I never wear shoes even I usually am very light footed I get yelled at by my mom because of it but whatever she never understood me anyway
Wish I could bring my dog everywhere I would too tho I bring my cat with me in stores and stuff when she's on my shoulder they didn't say anything cuz she stays on my shoulder quietly and they also know I won't come back if they say something I done it before and I will do it again
ApOwen ApOwen Aug 31, 2016
Wow... If I was the Luna I'd have his head on a stick...literally 😕