All Four of Them

All Four of Them

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lololol By eridanscarvedjohn Updated Jan 08

Max the oldest at 23, Cory next in line at 19, Michael right after that at 17, and Chris last in line at 16. Brothers who are destined to share a mate, and be mates with each other. They recently moved to a knew town ready to finally settle down and join a pack, free of their past persecution for their lifestyle.

Chase is the girl that joins their love circle. At 18 she is wild and finds the most joy in the world when she is pranking someone. Will she accept them all so easily, and though she might how likely is it that they live their happy ever after.

With plenty of loving, lots of pranks, and the ability to get down and dirty quickly. Journey with these five as they struggle to be accepted by any pack, and each other.

  • bdsm
  • bondage
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  • bxbxbxbxg
  • fivesome
  • mates
  • werewolf

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