Wants, Tightrope, Spilt Milk

Wants, Tightrope, Spilt Milk

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Casper Carter has wants. He wants to be famous. He wants to be remembered. He wants to teach us all to be animals again by killing, by torturing and by writing his name forever in blood.

How? Well, as a teacher he stands before the perfect set of victims everyday. All he needs to do is change himself, to tear away his conscience and awaken inside him the beast he believes we all are...

Wants, Tightrope, Spilt Milk is the story of the five days Casper gives himself to transform into Kasper, the young man who will commit one of the worst acts of mass murder in history.

WARNING: This work contains graphic violence and adult themes, if you don't like to court controversy then don't read it. If, however, you understand how such themes can be used to comment on social issues such as the proliferation of mass murderers, then read, comment and by all means vote.

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  • massmurder
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  • satire
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_Preciousx _Preciousx Jun 12, 2016
Oh wow, I can imagine him fast thinking these thoughts just casually.. Very intriguing
red316 red316 Jun 20, 2015
That first chapter/sentence pacing was just wonderful in really setting the tone. Looking forward to continuing with the book!
pantopicon pantopicon May 28, 2015
Really curious about this take on the modern condition -- and the effects of anonymisation on empathy -- at least that is how I am reading it, thus far, in my head. :)
novakiswriting novakiswriting Apr 15, 2015
I haven't read this in a while, but am so glad I had picked it back up. Great writing Clarkson
MrMumbles MrMumbles Feb 28, 2015
This sounds so awesome! 
                              Is this first chapter of him in Australia? Just the opera house itself brings back memories for me!
JesseSprague JesseSprague Nov 22, 2014
I love how his inner monologue in the beginning runs together, blends, confuses... it makes it feel like a real frantic garbled thought stream. Especially since you prove you know how to use punctuation in the next paragraph