The Rise of Merlin

The Rise of Merlin

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RavenclawInNeverland By RavenclawInNeverland Updated Jun 15

What if the legends were wrong? What if Merlin was in fact born a girl? What if instead of falling for Guinevere, the Once and Future King falls for his beautiful sorceress. For the first time since it's telling, the story of Camelot and her people are once again retold, however, it's not the same tale that we all know and love. Not even legends can withhold the curse of time and as stories are retold much of the truth is lost. 

When Merlin first arrived in Camelot, she had high hopes that it would be the place where she would finally find her destiny. The place where she would find her purpose. What she hadn't excepted was to be told that her so called destiny was none other than the prince of Camelot, Arthur Pendragon. Is it too late to flee back to Ealdor? 

Follow along as one of the greatest untold stories of Camelot and her favorite subjects are brought to life once more. Follow the untold story of the Once and Future Queen: Merlin.

*A Female Merlin Story*