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So.... about last night, it's not what you think it is" he started off. 

"Oh really, so what's this on my neck" I pointed at the hickey.

"That's my masterpiece. You like it?" he smirked. 

"I'm not a toy that you can just play around with, Michael"

"Who says I'm playing around with you. You're the one that came on to me first. I was just returning the favour" he raised both his arms up in defence.

"And there you go lying. You see this is why-"

"So you don't believe me" he interrupted 

"Give me one reason I should" I folded my arms across my chest. 

"I want you, Michael," he said in a high pitched voice. 

Never in a million years would I ever say that to him. "You are a liar" I point at him. 

"Or I could show you since you don't believe" 

You know what, this guy is just wasting my time. I need to get my textbooks from my locker for the third and fourth periods. 

"I don't waste my time on jerks anyway" I began to turn around to head back in the cafeteria. 

"Forgetting this" Michael said and out of the corner of my eye, he was holding up my phone in his hands. 

"Give me my phone" I held out my hand.

"That's not how you ask. Say master Michael can I pretty please have my phone back" he smirked and held up my phone higher above his head. 

Excuse me

I would rather drink thirty bottles of hot sauce than to say that. 

"I would never" 

"Too bad then" he shrugged his shoulders. 

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