Rivals in a cabin || boyxboy

Rivals in a cabin || boyxboy

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Dorian Bowman and Hayden St. Martin have been rivals since the day they met. 

Now that senior year is around the corner, their parents decide to push the boys to reconcile and have a plan to solve their never-ending rivalry. 

A cabin in the woods.

Dorian and Hayden are stuck together in the cabin. Locked up and tension rising doesn't help with their current situation at all. The two males have to spend their entire holiday in a cabin with their least favorite person of all. But it's not going to be that easy if they want to have any sort of delicious food and drinks, and the desperately wanted entertainment they have to complete the given mission with each others help. 
A box is left behind with their mission of the day. Do it and they get the prize. Deny it and stay behind with something unpleasant or nothing at all. 

As the boys get to know each other more and more, they come to the conclusion that they're not as awful as they thought. Will the rivalry stop? And what will happen in these two months of summer? 

Includes a novella wherein chapters are added regularly! 

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