The next hero

The next hero

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~~Shinsou~~ By totallyshinsou Updated Aug 07, 2019

Cover design isn't mine! I found it on the internet. There is a coarse language warning throughout the story so reader discretion is advised. You have been warned!! So this is My hero acedamia second generation fanfic. The ships include:

Kiribaku =kirishima x Bakugou
Tododeku= todoroki x deku
Shinkami= Shinsou x kaminari
Shigadabi = Shigaraki x dabi
Tenmei = tenya x mei
Tokotsu = tokoyami x tsuyu
Hagaojiro = hagakure x oijiro

This will be mainly from Katsu Bakugou's p.o.v. Also there might be somethings that are incorrect as I haven't finished the series. All characters that canonnly belong to my hero acedamia are theirs. All children and side characters will be of my own design. There also may be Erasermic (Aizawa x present mic) in this!
Basically the kids were created by a quirk called lovechild. Basically when two people regardless of gender love each other very much and are married, they can produce a child with their exact genes like a normal child. This action cannot be reversed!

Anyways enjoy!!!