Stark Naked (BxB)

Stark Naked (BxB)

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노아 By nutflix Updated May 24, 2015

What would you do if you came home one day and there was a boy in your bedroom...Stark naked jacking off to your dirty underwear? Most would call the cops. Most would say it was obsessive and creepy. But not Christian. No, he thinks it was sweet other than the fact it gave him a heart attack.

Now what if that boy was the star football player in your school, and the secret beta of the town's werewolf pack? Chip is obsessed with his mate, two years his junior, and would do anything to keep him safe and happy. When the only way that can happen is coming out to the whole school, he's not sure what to do. With Chip, his mate comes first, and the world comes second. Even his beloved pack.

Cover by Tamedkiss

Trillion2Oblivion Trillion2Oblivion Mar 06, 2016
This is basically my writing technique description....i do the exact same thing, an i don't even try too.
Trillion2Oblivion Trillion2Oblivion Mar 06, 2016
I have that condition too, people say it's called lazy-äss syndrome or something.
Arlovebird Arlovebird Aug 02, 2015
Does food mean actual food? Or is he saying he's fcked and tasted a lot of people?
cherrinana cherrinana Jun 08, 2015
i cant be the only one enjoying this whole situation rn bruh
lizrommon lizrommon May 25, 2015
Pandazlove Pandazlove May 21, 2015
What?! What?! Who goes home and finds this.... Only on wattpad lol