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one of us | creepypasta

one of us | creepypasta

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wtaf By maebemin Completed



The Carter sisters were only trying to live 'peacefully' within the woods, but when their world starts to crash, everything was completely out of place.
And then 'they' take action..


"It had to be one of us, Juliet.." 


{WARNING: There will be many grammar mistakes and short chapters. This trash was published FOUR years ago, so I'm so sorry for how utterly disgusting this book is.}

MissMixi MissMixi Mar 10
Bella is not Juliets "step sister" she's her half sister if that was her step sister that would mean the Mom married a man who already had a kid with some other woman
Welcome to my world Juliet welcome to my world.... Except of the clean-freak and smart haha
armada116 armada116 Mar 11
wouldn't having the same mom make them half sisters instead of step sisters?
if she wears a red beanie throughout the story at any time i just want you to know that i will spam your comments with "TYJO"
Ok so she the girly...She gonna be the first to die isn't she?
EyelessGal EyelessGal Aug 14, 2016
Dude. Juliet looks just like me and is just like me exactly how you described her. It's like we're twins. Wtf even our personalities match.