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one of us | creepypasta

one of us | creepypasta

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m a e ★ By maebemin Completed



The Carter sisters were only trying to live 'peacefully' within the woods, but when their world starts to crash, everything was completely out of place.
And then 'they' take action..


"It had to be one of us, Juliet.." 


{WARNING: There will be many grammar mistakes and short chapters. This trash was published FOUR years ago, so I'm so sorry for how utterly disgusting this book is.}

Wouldn't it be half sister since they have the same mom? If it was step then that means she's married into the family
Same mother and different father that means they are half sisters....
How did Levi come into this Fanfic? XD 
                              . . .
                              IS EREN HERE TOO?!
People: Same
                              My Mother: Kinda same
                              Sweets: BRUH. HOW YOU NO LIKE SWEETS?!
                              Seafood: Gross... 🤢
                              Souls: ...Erm...
                              Any Sharp: Wut is dat?
                              Pointy Things: I'm afraid I'll have to disagree with you there...
                              Kiwi: 🥝 EXCUSE ME?! I AM OFFENDED, HOW DARE YOU NOT LIKE KIWI'S?!
I hate her. 
                              She doesn't like the kiwi 🥝 
                              EVERYONE LIKES THE KIWI 🥝