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Jinxxy The Maid {BVB Smut}

Jinxxy The Maid {BVB Smut}

20.6K Reads 550 Votes 7 Part Story
Holly By DarkStar_BVB17 Completed

After losing a bet, Jinxx is forced to wear a skimpy maid outfit...But he doesn't mind it one bit ;). (WARNING!!: Scenes of graphic sexuality)

BloodVamp21 BloodVamp21 Feb 21
They do relise that he could have been thinking about batman that hole time right 😕😕
Queens_of_fangirling Queens_of_fangirling Sep 20, 2016
13 and younger? Are you actually being serious? XD
                              Im sorry. Im 13 and im reading this anyways
                              im sorry
catlady1603 catlady1603 Oct 28, 2016
My friend hates that I read smut because she grew up strictly learning what was appropriate and what was inappropriate. My excuse is "If I don't read these things, how am I ever supposed to have a Purdy mind?"
KoolCat_109 KoolCat_109 Sep 28, 2016
im a BVB soldier ..... 11....still gonaa read it lol XD
Jinxxy394 Jinxxy394 Feb 20
Ohhh dont do it please dont do it if one of us goes in then we all go through it
catlady1603 catlady1603 Oct 29, 2016
*record scratch* *freeze frame* yup. That's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.