An Improper Courtship

An Improper Courtship

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ChocolateSensation By ChocolateSensation Updated Jun 09

I fear, I am the worst damsel in distress, I have nothing to give to you," Rosalie said half joking.

Blake smiled, "How would I be a nice gentleman if I asked for something in return?"

"Don't they normally give the Knight a napkin or lock of hair?"

Rosalie murmured, fighting the voice within that was being slowly weakened by the loud beating of her heart. Lifting her skirts and taking big strides to the half-naked man before her.

"You saved my life, however, can I repay you? " Rosalie whispered. The air around the two strangers stilled. Standing on her tiptoes her lips brushed against as they inhaled each other's scents.

Blake was shocked by the maidens actions, but his body knew what he wanted.

"In fairy tales, they kiss the savior," she teased. Her hands trailing his bare shoulder, fingers dancing lightly along his bicep.

Blake didn't reply, looking into her hazel eyes. His eyes said it all, dark lust cloaking the azure blue. Rosalie brushed her lips softly against his. It was soft but restrained. Rosalie's mind rushed with waves of sensations. She moved her hands up to his neck and pushed harder against his mouth, savoring his unique taste of something like berries and mint. The gentleness was replaced by a daring dart of the tongue Rosalie had made and she felt Blake grab roughly at her waist, pulling her closer. He nibbled at her bottom lip. Rosalie sighed in his mouth, 

Rosalie Du Pont is a blunt and opinionated young woman who is the exact opposite of the perfect London ladies. Lord Blake Franco is a handsome bachelor who is on the hunt for a wife  The two think a secret heated kiss in the woods is the last of them, but the fates seem to have very different plans for them and things start to get very heated. The two are clearly more than attracted to each other and from an improper meeting starts an improper courtship.

A  story that proves all emotions are timeless, no matter what century.