They Don't Know About Us (BWWM)

They Don't Know About Us (BWWM)

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The Afro Goddess By _Tisha_ Completed

*Book 1* I looked up at him still unable to speak but he just smiled showing his pearly white teeth "I'm Mr Rivers" he said extending his hand

"I'm...Ava Williams" I managed to say as I shook his hand

He had a firm but gentle grip too

"Nice to meet you. You're a little early aren't you?" He asked going to his desk

"Uh I thought lunch ended at 12:30"

"They added an extra 10 minutes to get students situated ends at 12:40"

"Oh well good to know" I said as I headed for the door

"You can stay it's only five more minutes"

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yungoth yungoth a day ago
i'm mad as hell that my school doesn't have AP Psych but i looooveeee AP environmental science, it made me realize i wanna be in urban civil engineering lol
Don't got to ask me twice! (Runs over to desks and nearly trips over a few)
Chanecia102 Chanecia102 Sep 08
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Add maths, Spanish, Literature, History and Maths and English
yungoth yungoth a day ago
i hate when people comment like "this isn't realistic" but high schools literally never let new young teachers teach seniors. like my homeroom teacher was 24 when i first met him and my school wouldn't let him teach seniors lol
I'm majoring in psych. and u about the mind and how the mind can affect the body
zakiki02 zakiki02 Sep 17
Lol my ap euro teacher is fine as hell and there’s this one girl who asks him questions everyday like are you married do you have kids do you want more and the whole class just looks at her 😂😂