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His Experiment

His Experiment

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HoLi By SePtEmBeR_SaPpHiRe13 Updated Jul 06, 2015

It happened every month; on every second Sunday, at exactly 11:59 P.M. the screams would start, echoing around the world like a dreadful reminder.
 Anyone, human or not, who heard the screams of pain and terror would know that once again, The Event had started. 
Routines were the same everywhere. Mothers would usher their children into their homes, whether big or small, while fathers and father figures alike would silently protect and pray; pray that The Even never hit their towns or came near their families. 
	Children under twelve years of age would be left curious, once again wondering about what had caused the shrill screams and why. If above the age of twelve, children would join their fathers in praying silently in their hearts; for they knew the consequences of The Event. 
	But there was always one category of people that prayed the most, hoped the hardest, and worried constantly. During The Event, one could often find females, between the ages of thirteen and twenty-one sitting in corners, surrounded by those who would give their lives to protect them. Tears would be rolling down their cheeks as even their screwed shut eyes leaked them. Most would bite their lip in order to contain sobs, so hard that often, there were also small, thin streams of the dark liquid tumbling down their chins. 
	The terror they felt, naked and strong on their faces, made it hard for anyone to lay their eyes on the females during The Event. They had everything to fear, because they were the ones being hunted. 
	It happened every month; on every second Sunday, at exactly 11:59 P.M. the screams would start.
	And then, at precisely midnight, the screams would silence immediately, letting the world know that The Event was over for the moment. Everyone knew that, somewhere, a girl between the ages of thirteen and twenty-one had been taken, and would never be seen again in history.
	This time, that unlucky girl just happened to be me.

VannaRose16 VannaRose16 Oct 21, 2016
Woah. This is the greatest summary I have ever read. No story had ever hooked me like this one did. It's incredible.  😊❤️😍
barnacle_boi barnacle_boi Dec 29, 2016
                              THIS WRITING IS INCREDIBLE OMG
MazingL3x1 MazingL3x1 Jul 24, 2015
I think it might be a little late to say this but...
                              I could imagine this story in England in the 1800s
Jassytron Jassytron May 18, 2015
Happened every month....? Mhmmmmm...... Only to girls above 13....? Mhmmmmm..... That kinda sounds familiar.....
Damonsalvatoreislife Damonsalvatoreislife Mar 17, 2015
Omg you accidentally deleted it? Wait so everything was gone and now you have to restart again? That really sucks but this book sounds veryy good:)
5secondsofhiver 5secondsofhiver Nov 11, 2014
Just wondering what you mean by "tramp"? Like a tarp or a blanket?