Taken, Abused, Saved

Taken, Abused, Saved

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WerewolfLuver By Werewolfluver1 Updated Jan 17


Little Miss Lyra Black grew up, knowing nothing but pain, abuse and fear. 
She was taken from her own front yard at the age of 4, by one of the largest and most powerful rouge pack, The Living Death Rouge pack.

Every day, Lyra got weaker and weaker. Nothing ever changed.  
She was Abused day after day, month after month, year after year, along with many other girls, younger, but most older than her by years. 

Now, on a she-wolfs 17th birthday, her sent will become strong enough for her mate to smell and track it to where ever she is, no matter where she is. 

It's been 8 years, since Lyra was taken and abused constantly, she is now 17 and her sent is far from weak. 
Lyra's wolf, May, has prepared Lyra for this day and for Lyra, it's one of the only things that has kept her alive all these torturous years; The day she would find her mate.

Her mate... Her knight in shinning armour... Her one and only. 

He's her only hope.

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Tikvah7 Tikvah7 Jul 20, 2016
So they just walked in and out of the heart of rouges territory with no resistance?
sass_queen_xox sass_queen_xox Oct 14, 2016
 #1~"H-h-hel-p m-me"
                               #2~"I will"
                                   ~*walks in, holds up gun and pulls trigger*
gwodda gwodda Jun 14, 2016
what a minute. in the description it says she  was taken at 4. then it says it's been 8 years since she was taken and now she's 17. but 8 plus 4 is 12 WHAT? WHAATT?!
Isirxxx Isirxxx Oct 05, 2016
Lmfaoo I told my mum about wattpad and after I mentioned the word books, she got all happy.
                              I love that women 😂😂❤️
linitoo linitoo May 30, 2016
U should get yr mum to read some stories n explain to her it's a safe way to write. Yr doing a great job but u should really involve a parent, teacher etc
lilchicken11 lilchicken11 Nov 20, 2016
Finally a guy who's actually tall. I need me one of these guys.