Surfing Midland (Complete/ First draught).

Surfing Midland (Complete/ First draught).

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Merryn Smith By FickleLife Completed

Seventeen year old Leah Munroe has had a long standing agreement and contract with both her parents, it was written up when Leah was fourteen. She never really thought the consequences would  come to fruition as her parents were divorced, her father moving on with another woman and her mother moving on with business meetings and overseas trips.


So it comes as a surprise to Leah when she arrives home afternoon to find her mom speaking with the school principal! It gets even worse for Leah when her mother announces that she is being shipped of to her father and his new the middle of Montana.


When Leah arrives she is so far out of her comfort zone that she does the only thing she knows how to do, she begins to rebel even more. The situation isn't helped by a jealous and manipulative step-sister, a father who is trying to rekindle his relationship with his daughter, the good looking ranch hand that catches Leah's attention and the need to return to the ocean.

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lacuuna lacuuna Oct 20, 2017
i like her a lot. especially when she said the monetary support part. she's realistic and smart.
peachygalwaygirl peachygalwaygirl Sep 17, 2017
I love how you started it ♡ I am definitely going to enjoy reading this book
Tinkerbell_103 Tinkerbell_103 May 19, 2016
This is a really good chapter, I could see the character feels so real I really like how she made the story feel so nice and smooth
ElleLeeLove ElleLeeLove Mar 14, 2015
My heart breaks for her, being sent away from the ocean she loves and having a mother and father who ignore her 300 day of the year. I hope she finds a friend in Montana.
dreamscapade dreamscapade Sep 29, 2014
I love how it immediately jumps into her life and gives us a feel of her life. great start!
wetheroyals wetheroyals Sep 16, 2014
Oh wow I'm sorry my comments didn't go through before, but I said that I love the story so far and the plot is great and yeah good story. My other comment was hella long but haha not typing it all again