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JEONGLESWAEG By jeonkookie_love Updated Jan 08

Jocelyn is a 16 year old girl whose just made it into 12th grade. She's living a normal life with her dad and two older brothers. Normal ish. 
Ever since Joce lost her mom in what she thinks was a car accident, she's changed. She wears black clothes, eyeliner, gets kicked out of many schools, and she's not the friendly type, on the outside. But on the inside, she's just a normal 16 year old girl who just wants to be accepted. 

Ever since Jocelyn started going to a new school, she noticed two people who seem familiar to her. She later realizes that their family and her family do not get along at all. Apparently, her family has done something wrong to their family, and they want revenge... by killing Jocelyn and her whole family. 

Find out what happens to Jocelyn and her family by reading this story. Will she be saved, or will it be too late?


This is my very first Wattpad story!! :) Hope you like it! Please read, share, vote, comment, etc. if you like! I'm sorry if it's not that good, but as I keep writing, I'll get better at grammar and mistakes. :) No part of this story is made to be offensive or rude. If anything in my story relates to another story or anything else, it is a pure coincidence. All ideas in this story are mine and mine only. Do not copy my story or any of its ideas and actions please. 

Sorta Unedited

Enjoy your read!! :)