Just A Spark Prompts

Just A Spark Prompts

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Jen By promptingskenekidz Updated Feb 29, 2016

Prompt: I don't know where this would go but could you possibly do a prompt from the fight when Mitch gave Ezra the scar? Thank you c:

A.N.- I decided to just start a prompt book for them! So enjoy :)


                Laughter drifted down from a little ways off, and Ezra turned his head towards it slowly. He felt dizzy and drunk.

                He looked down at the plastic cup in his hands. The liquid inside was a bluish green, and this was his third cup of it.

                "I bet that's Marion and his friends," Garret growled angrily, pouring himself another drink. "I say we go after them and teach them a damn lesson."

                Ezra watched his friends as they all nodded in angry, drunken agreement. They abandoned their drinks and got up, staggering.

                "Come on Ezra," Garret barked. "We're going to teach those little shits that they're not as tough...