clock | sope soulmate au

clock | sope soulmate au

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rubylou By MinniYoonji Updated Jul 28

Everyone is born with a clock on their wrist, counting down how long it is till they meet their soulmate for the first time. 17-year old Min Yoongi is on a 'fast track' as his friends put it. 3 days, 4 hours, 47 minutes and 39 seconds. That would be the same for his soulmate, except for, in rare occasions, when someone is their soulmate but they aren't the others's soulmate. Yoongi hopes with all his heart that it won't be the case with him...

16-year old Jung Hoseok, a pastor's son and a shame on his family. He throws parties, drinks underage, smokes and many more 'unholy' things. 

What'll happen Yoongi mistakes his friend's house for Hoseok's during a party? 

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