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Margaret Lemontree By MargaretLemontree Updated Jul 13, 2013

ONLY those with the proper access code of ethics may enter. 
All others: Keep OUT.

Warning: Top Secret information. Information herein contains sensitive knowledge. If you do not feel that you are able to process information that might inspire or compel you to do random, selfless acts of kindness to complete strangers, do not proceed any further.

This IS a tribute to those who dare to do good...and do it.
References will be duly noted post-post.

Lemontree, Margaret, August 2012

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SorrallMiller SorrallMiller Aug 29, 2012
@MargaretLemontree You're so welcome, and good luck with your fun project :)
SorrallMiller SorrallMiller Aug 27, 2012
@MargaretLemontree that was a brilliant idea, and it is lovely to think there are heroes out there :)
SorrallMiller SorrallMiller Aug 21, 2012
Lovely, wonderfully written. I firmly believe in treating those the way you would like to be treated. I like the way you describe death who gets cheated because of the hero :)
CottonJones CottonJones Aug 20, 2012
Nice write on a real life superhero who helps those disadvantaged.