Ace Combat 7: Three Strikes [Fanfiction]

Ace Combat 7: Three Strikes [Fanfiction]

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Bella By TheRebelPilot Updated 6 days ago

[Ace Combat Fanfic]

After being wrongfully accused of killing former president Harling, Naomi Foulke - TAC name Trigger - is assigned to a penal unit where she manages to scrape up a reputation for herself. Determined to redeem herself and defend her country from the Eruseans, Trigger battles with herself as she's forced to become the very thing she's convinced she isn't: a killer.

Contains moderate language and depictions of war

[AC7, Girl Trigger]

Author's Note: Uploaded to Wattpad from my Fanfiction account (MontyMarten). Updates will be in bulk, likely four chapters behind the story on fanfic.

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