Your lesson, My Test  #Wattys2015

Your lesson, My Test #Wattys2015

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Diana By CheekyMistake Updated 3 months ago
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             Julie Roberts was the outgoing, funny and witty girl that never backed away from a challenge. That was until Roger-her abusive boyfriend-came into her life three years ago.
         When Julie meets Alexander Woods at a masquerade ball, she finds herself drawn towards the mystery man whose face she never saw. 
               The day school restarts there is a new History teacher, Mr. Woods. Julie never saw Alexander's face but she surprise to see that Mr. Woods has the same eye color, as well as soft husky voice and personality.
                 Mr. Woods wants to keep Julie close to him he doesn't approve of her relationship with Roger or the way he treats her. She didn't know he was Alexander, or why he was trying to help her. But when circumstances get though she's dead bent on staying away from him, from everyone. But Mr. Woods is not one to give up. Because when your teacher teaches you about love, and what it should be and feel like, nothing could go wrong...or so they thought.
Just now starting but you have me hooked. I cant wait to continue reading.
This is a wonderful start. I love the plot idea and the opening scene. You've drawn me in, and I can't wait to read more. =)
OOOOOOOH! I really like it, D. I'm gonna keep reading now, you dork. xD Love youuuuuuuu. :*
@Absynthe Lol thank-you and yeah...I don't like Roger either. Kind of a scary guy to me ;).
                                    @dreamstar Thank you for saying it's awesome! And I am working on chapter 1, it will be in a week's time give or take a few days..
I like this... I'ts a great start. I am not liking this Roger fella.... keep it up!